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Animal Parties

An animal party is a great way for kids to experience wildlife up close and safely that they may have previously only seen in books or videos. Are your children fascinated by animals?

Do you want to do something that is educational and unique to celebrate the next special occasion for the kids? Is your budget rather small? Or maybe it’s difficult to find quality entertainment that is trustworthy and reliable?

Well, let Yowsi help you organise the greatest animal parties Australia that meets your budget, and needs. 

Let Kids Experience Animals and Reptiles Close Up and Hands On

Transform your home into a animal house or zoo, as the animals come to you! Animals are accompanied by professional handlers who are trained to ensure a safe and fun environment. So enjoy yourself, relax, and make sure your camera is ready, for there are bound to be once in a lifetime moments, as well as lots of smiles and joy, as the children interact up close with the animals.

Animal Australia include educational talks and interactive displays which make them perfect for festivals, children’s birthday parties, school shows, themed fetes, events, childcare groups, fairs, and party events.

Kids animals parties can come to your venue or home anywhere nationally in Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and Hobart.

Animal Party Options in Australia

There is a range of packages to suit any budget, and Animal Parties are suitable for children 3 or older and can accommodate a group of up to 25 kids.

Animal Parties - include farm animals who are furry and fluffy. They give kids the chance to feed, cuddle, hold, and pet chickens, calves, piglets, bunny rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies, ducks, and much more. Each animal is friendly and clean and enjoys human interaction. For your peace of mind, experienced staff supervises every moment of the day, to ensure the safety and care of the children and animals.

Easily Organise An Amazing Animal Party With Yowsi

Yowsi makes organising your party or event easy, as well as eliminating the hassle.

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your requirements, budget, and date & location, then Yowsi will do the research for you, and find the perfect animal parties business Australia.

Yowsi will provide up to 3 Obligation free quotes for companies that meet all of your needs. Yowsi is completely free, allowing you to save time and money. Also, for your peace of mind, there is no commitment to have to hire a business we recommend to you.

So let Yowsi make your next kid’s event a unique experience, with an animal party today!


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