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Hire a Photo Booth for Your Event in Melbourne

Photo booths have now become very popular at parties. A photo booth can be an entertaining way to involve guests in the festivities, no matter the occasion. However, it’s no secret that planning a party can be very time-consuming and cause a lot of stress.

Also, working within a tight budget, it can be quite a challenge to find a reliable and high quality event service that will not cost an arm and a leg. What if there was a way to find everything that you needed in only a few easy steps? 

How Photo Booths Can Bring Fun to Your Next Party

People just love having their photo taken, and even more so at parties. It's a great way to remember the fun at the event and make a lasting memory. It's also a terrific way to for guests to have a good time, let loose, and be completely comfortable. For any event, photo booths are a fun addition, for anything from an elaborate wedding, corporate function or a fun birthday party. It regularly helps party guests let their hair down and break out of their comfort zone in just a few quick minutes.

Types of Photo Booths that are Available for Hire

There are lots of different types of photo booth hire Melbourne which are available to make your event memorable. Easily set up an inflatable photo booth with just an air pump. Match the theme of your party with playful novelty shaped photo booths which are completely enclosed.

With a print station available your guests can have their photos printed instantly. A hashtag printer will allow guests to create their own fun hashtags and use them to post all the photos of the party on social media.

Fancy a bit of privacy? Then using a simple column booth or a curtained column kiosk may be right for you, or perhaps a fully enclosed traditional solid box will make your party memorable by offering some privacy away from the rest of the event. These type of booths are available for hire in Fitzroy, Cranbourne, Collingwood, Dandenong and Northcote, as well as surrounding Melbourne suburbs.

How Yowsi Can Help You find best Photo Booth for Your Event

Every day Yowsi helps people easily plan their parties, and for free. Unlike when you hire a conventional party planner, Yowsi doesn’t charge you any outrageous fees, while still allowing you to plan the party you want.

Simply answer a few questions and we will find the perfect photo booth that suits your budget and needs. Yowsi provide up to five quotes at once for you to choose from, all within a short period of time.

Try Yowsi now for your photo booth hire Melbourne and let’s start having fun.


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